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Celebrity names for your pet, celebrity dog names

Choosing a celebrity name for your cat or dog.

You can post here your favorite rock star, actor, politician, famous or any widely recognized people's name, what we can use as a pet name.

Currently there are 98 submissions in the Celebrity category.

   98 Celebrity names:

  • Aaliyah
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I LOVE this name, I think it is just beautiful and it means "Highest, most exhausted one, the best" Plus it is after my favorite singer who was killed in a plane crash.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 27.03.2010

  • Ace
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    This is after the great guitarist from Kiss. I named my St. Bernard this and it fit pretty well.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 23.06.2008

  • Alizee
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    This is a french girl name. i think that it is very cool. It is pronounced Ali Zee
    Submitted by: jinx at 20.11.2007

  • Aniston
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    I named my first kitten this, after Jennifer Aniston. The name quite suits her.
    Submitted by: Julie at 02.06.2007

  • Ashley Tisdale
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    Hey, who likes ashley tisdale? Do you think she pretty? like her songs?
    Submitted by: noneurbeeswax at 27.05.2009

  • Beckham
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    We have a yellow lab who loves to hit the soccer ball with his nose!
    Submitted by: butterflyswims at 13.08.2009

  • Beckham
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    My Tuxedo cat needed an original name. I don't like pet names that sound like pet names. So..when he was a few weeks old, he was running up and down the entry hall hitting ball back and forth between his front paws. He looked like he was playing soccer...hence his name..Beckham
    Submitted by: Wen at 10.04.2010

    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I once had a dog named Bengie he was the best.
    Submitted by: Ash at 12.03.2007

  • Berbie
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    We named our kitten Berbie after the Tottenham Hotspur football player berbatov! I think its the perfect name for a little boy kitten, he loves it and so do I!!
    Submitted by: Mandy at 12.08.2007

  • Blake
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    He's the hot guy on American Idol.
    Submitted by: Hannah-bal at 19.05.2007

  • Bonnie & Clyde
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Its cute
    Submitted by: marlisafazio at 17.10.2007

  • Bono
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    He is one of the greatest singers and humanitarians. Going to name my puppy Bono
    Submitted by: jojo at 07.08.2009

  • Bradalee
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    That is a men's name!
    Submitted by: WEWYU at 11.03.2010

  • Brady
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    My puppy is named Brady after Tom Brady, my favorite QB.
    Submitted by: Dee at 09.03.2008

  • Brock
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I named my red nose pit Brock after the fighter Brock Lesnar because Brock Lesnar has a sword tatted on his chest and my dog Brock has a sword on his chest.
    Submitted by: bgggbalepit at 04.04.2010

  • Cabbage
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    Not fammous, I agree but I call Jeremy Clarkson Cabbage sometimes cos I have an e-person of him. The real one really annoys me so I feed the e-person one cabbage cos for some reason I don't like cabbage too much! :)
    Submitted by: ¤�.x.�¤~� at 06.03.2008

  • Cash
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I named my dog after Johnny Cash. Hes mostly black with a lil bit of white. hes the man in black. Just like Johnny Cash.
    Submitted by: Nikki at 11.04.2007

  • Cat Sajak
    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    I love game shows, and I was watching the Game Show Network one day, and they were talking about a cat named "Cat Sajak" like Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fourtune. I thought it was clever/cute!!! :)
    Submitted by: ThePasswordIs... at 23.12.2008

  • Cee-Cee
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Cee-Cee (little girl). She was a rescue kitty, had a broken tail and needed a loving home. I took her in, gave her love and named her after the character from the movie "Beaches". She was my miracle baby. Mommy loves you forever my good girl...XOXOXO
    Submitted by: doll2M at 07.07.2009

  • Channing
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    I love this name...Channing Tatum from Step up is so hot.
    Submitted by: aylakay at 15.02.2008

    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Submitted by: DANI at 04.09.2007

    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Its a white cat or kitty name
    Submitted by: Nicole at 24.03.2007

  • Chord
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Named after the hottest guy on glee!!
    Submitted by: sammyBrahhhh at 11.13.2010

  • Chuck Norris
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Chuck Norris rocks. If your dog can roundhouse kick you in the face, name it after Chuck Norris.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 03.04.2007

  • Clash
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Well obvoiusly for the big fans of 80's rock. This comes from the band the Clash im a big fan and also if your pet looks 80's it is a good name and it sounds good.
    Submitted by: aly babba at 30.07.2009

    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    It is a nice name.
    Submitted by: Julia at 11.03.2007

  • Croshere
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    I named my cat Croshere after Austin Croshere, of the Indiana Pacers.
    Submitted by: angeechicken at 04.05.2007

  • Daunte
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    We named our Mastiff after the football player Daunte Culpepper.
    Submitted by: Sammy at 14.09.2008

  • David Archuleta
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    Hes the hot 17 year old on american idol 08
    Submitted by: Zac Efron at 21.03.2008

  • Denzel and Mel
    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    I have black and white male cats, Denzel and Mel. Named after Mel Gibson & Denzel Washington.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 17.04.2008

  • Drogba
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    In honour of the Chelsea player.
    Submitted by: 8eyt at 24.10.2009

  • Duncan
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My goldedoodle's name (a golden retriever + a poodle) he is coffee color so he's named after Dunkin' Donuts.
    Submitted by: sarah novello at 16.04.2008

  • Einstein
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Our dog was named this and everyone loved it.
    Submitted by: Steiner at 26.04.2007

  • Elvis
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    My piggy has long, shiny, white hair!!!
    Submitted by: Casey at 21.09.2007

  • Elvis
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    This was our late chocolate lab's name....because he was the King!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 03.12.2009

  • Elvis
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    The dog of Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, named after Elvis Presley.
    Submitted by: Joe at 12.05.2010

  • George Clooney
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I love him so i named my boxer George Clooney, everyone loves it
    Submitted by: weeza at 24.02.2009

  • Giselle
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    For a small dog pitetdog from enchanted.
    Submitted by: elle at 02.12.2007

  • Gorilla Monsoon
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    He's a big orange cat with a powerful bodyslam
    Submitted by: Rilla at 09.12.2011

  • Gucci
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Lil prissy cat that get's her own way!!!
    Submitted by: Cassandra at 06.04.2007

  • Halle
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Because Halle Berry is beautiful. This would be fitting of a beautiful little female puppy.
    Submitted by: Kerry at 19.09.2008

  • Hank and Ms. Audrey
    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    Country sweethearts from way back.
    Submitted by: JenB at 06.05.2010

  • Irwin
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    It is a way of honoring the late Steve Irwin. He was one of the most well-known animal conservationists of the world, so why not name your pet after him? It's a great honor and not a bad name!
    Submitted by: Kathryn at 26.10.2007

  • Jack Bauer
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    From the 24 hour series.
    Submitted by: DAMARIS at 26.01.2009

  • Jacques
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    In memory of Jacques Costeau
    Submitted by: DAMARIS at 26.01.2009

  • JADA
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Name comes for celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada means wise.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 17.03.2007

  • Jagger
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    I named my cat Jagger after Mick Jagger... he's a stud just like Mick Jagger.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 18.07.2007

  • John Barroman
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    John Barroman the third times two minus one, because maths and john barroman rule.
    Submitted by: sam mclean at 02.21.2012

  • Johnny Cash
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My dog is a Shih-tzu, so he definately need a manly cool name.
    Submitted by: DELIA at 04.05.2007

  • Jonas
    Category: Pet - Gender: Unisex

    I love love love the Jonas Brothers and I saw a dog with that name and it just makes him even cuter!
    Submitted by: sup_mr._prez? at 27.03.2009

  • Jovi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My favourite group are Bon Jovi so my dog is called Jovi after them.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 02.10.2007

  • Justin Timberlake
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Justin Timberlake is my fave signer I love him, so I named my lab after him.
    Submitted by: cheeky at 12.08.2008

  • Kane
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Only the best pro wrestler EVER!!! (Undertaker is awesome too, but a weird name for a pet)
    Submitted by: Hannah-bal at 19.05.2007

    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    My husband name our 2nd kitty this after the movie actor Keanu Reeves.
    Submitted by: vikki at 09.09.2007

  • Kingston
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I like itbecause its Gwen Stefani's sons name and everyone says "a big name on a little dog"
    Submitted by: kingbaby at 23.10.2009

  • Knute
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I recommend this name because baseball player Knute Rockne has this name as his first name.
    Submitted by: Smash at 09.04.2008

  • Kommora
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    She is a pretty model and has a beautiful name.
    Submitted by: Anomous at 23.11.2007

  • Kruk
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Kruk (John Kruk -- Phillies) Carter (Jeff Carter -- Flyers) Bruschi/Brewski (Tedy Bruschi-- Patriots) Jeter (Derek Jeter -- Yankees) Bauer (Hockey brand)
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 17.05.2010

  • Lawson
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Our dog is an Australian Silky Terrier x Aussie Terrier, so we decided to name him after iconic Australian Henry Lawson.
    Submitted by: Kimbo at 24.01.2010

  • Lea
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    One of the main actresses on Glee, Lea is beautiful, bold, and loved - just like the pet you'll give this name to!
    Submitted by: Katie at 12.24.2010

  • Lord Tubbington
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    Brittany from Glee named her cat Lord Tubbington! I love it!
    Submitted by: Me! at 09.09.2011

  • Louis
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    As in Louis Vuitton
    Submitted by: nadia at 11.04.2010

  • Lukas
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    The winner of Rockstar: Supernova.
    Submitted by: Hannah-bal at 19.05.2007

  • Maddox
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Its famous! Angelina Jolies first adopted son.
    Submitted by: Maddie or Mad at 05.08.2007

  • Madonna
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I just thought of this name one day and I reckon it'd be a nice name for a female dog, especially one of those ones who always likes to be the star of the show.
    Submitted by: Ms Dog Lover at 04.05.2007

  • Mandy
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Its cute one of my cats is named Mandy and her sister is called Sandy! I got it from Mandy Moore. :) ¢¾
    Submitted by: strawberry at 13.06.2007

  • Marley
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    After the great Bob Marley, of course.
    Submitted by: jill at 23.05.2008

  • McLovin
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Mclovin is an american icon ...
    Submitted by: mclovin at 29.02.2008

  • Mia Sparrow
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Because I was looking for a cat name for a tuxedo kitten I just adopted and they were all the same, not real original, so I came up with this name for her and thought I would share.
    Submitted by: MJ at 09.21.2011

  • Miley
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Miley is a cute name for a small dog and it's also Miley cyrus' name!
    Submitted by: Tink at 02.09.2007

  • Mitzi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Named after the singer. Our dog is a Shitzo/Griffin mix, and really looks like a Mitzi!
    Submitted by: rascal204 at 28.03.2010

  • Morrissette
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    A beautiful Tuxedo Manx. On the way home she was going crazy in the car. Then a song by Alanis Morisette came on the radio and instantaneously she calmed down and began to purr.
    Submitted by: Raea at 27.05.2007

  • Mr. Bojangles
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    The dog is black and we like listening to The Standards and singers like Sammy Davis Jr
    Submitted by: Chad at 09.05.2010

  • Mrs. Brittney Peanut Waffle Cake Lolly Pop Mac & C
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    WOW!!! yea...my friend Brandon came up with this name!!! Notice Brittney is after Mrs and Spears is at the end (brittney spears)
    Submitted by: lindsey at 14.03.2008

  • Muzzy
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    We named our dog Muzzy after Muzzy Brodheads we call him Muzz fo short.
    Submitted by: Huntingrules! at 26.05.2010

  • Nash
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    This is my favorite basketball player and I already have a dog named Jordan. After air Jordan. And he sure can jump.
    Submitted by: Maggie at 09.11.2009

  • Neil Diamond
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    It has a ring to it
    Submitted by: joy2388 at 09.01.2010

  • O'della
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I have a blue American Pit Bull. I love Steve Harvey morning show where he does sister Odell. Well I added an A to make it more girly. She is the best dog I have ever owned!
    Submitted by: love pits at 13.11.2009

  • Oprah
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    I named my big 4-H heifer this.
    Submitted by: someone1015 at 30.04.2007

  • Osi
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Osi Umenyora is one of the Giants' best defensive ends. (I know I'm a big Giants fan) It's also a cute name for a cat.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 01.01.2010

  • Paris
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I went on a holiday and got a dog called paris.
    Submitted by: sammydastar at 09.04.2007

  • Picasso
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My golden retriever who passed away a year and a half ago was named Picasso. I like the name. It's original, and you sorta get attached to it after a while.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 05.01.2010

  • Quinn
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Quinn is the head cheerleader off the hit t.v show glee (played by dianna agron) is perfect for a cat or dog that runs the place!!
    Submitted by: Gem at 11.13.2010

  • RiRi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Rihanna's nickname. ^_^
    Submitted by: Mickey at 15.04.2010

  • Ronaldinho
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Bacause its a famous brazilian soccer name.
    Submitted by: Ronaldinho at 25.10.2007

  • Scooter
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    It is just different and neet.
    Submitted by: Kelly at 28.07.2007

  • Shia
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Shia Labeouf - Not only is he good looking, great actor, one of the best of our time... this is the PERFECT name for that fluffy husky or shiba inu! I would name my shiba Shia that I'm getting in 2 weeks! But my husband doesn't like it :( But everyone else I tell LOVES it!! :)
    Submitted by: RoseMuffin at 14.01.2009

  • Slash
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    The guitarist from Gun's and Roses
    Submitted by: VICKY at 26.10.2007

  • Snipes
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My dog Snipes is blacker than black so I names him Snipes after Wesley Snipes.
    Submitted by: sniper92 at 17.07.2008

  • Sonic
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Sonic the cat
    Submitted by: lele at 09.06.2007

  • Sooner
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Because it is cute and works great if you are an oklahoma sooner fan! I love you sooner and i love you OU sooners
    Submitted by: kye at 20.06.2007

  • Spencer
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Its the most amazing name ever. Better then your name. Yes you......ho
    Submitted by: yellowfrizbee at 12.04.2008

  • Tennant
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    I named my duck tennant after David Tennant coz its an awsome name and would be great for a dog or a cat
    Submitted by: XXXXOAMYOXXXX at 29.05.2007

  • Ty, Cobb
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I am a huge Ty Cobb fan and it was appropriate to name my two labs Ty and Cobb. Cobby as we called him has since passed on to be with his namesake. All dogs go to heaven.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 12.03.2008

  • Tyra
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Submitted by: VICKY at 26.10.2007

  • Wesley
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My georgeous Staffordshire bull terrier was named after Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man!!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 04.09.2008

  • Zac or Efron
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    Submitted by: KATIE at 19.01.2008

  • Zeta & Kova
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    We named our two cats Zeta and Kova, after Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anna Kournikova.
    Submitted by: phine81 at 22.10.2007

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